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Hazards Identification – Potential Health Effects

This product is composed of synthetic amorphous silica dioxide, often referred to as silica gel or amorphous precipitated silica. Amorphous silica should not to be confused with crystalline silica. Epidemiological studies indicate low potential for adverse health effects from exposure to amorphous silica.  

 Emergency:   Inhalation of excessive amounts of dust from the product may cause mechanical irritation to the respiratory
 Overview:  Dermal contact may cause mechanical irritation.
 Inhalation:  Inhalation of airborne dusts may cause mechanical irritation of the upper respiratory tract.
 Eye Contact:  Exposure to dust from this product can produce a drying sensation and mechanical irritation of the eyes.
 Skin Contact:  Skin contact with dust from this product can produce a drying sensation and mechanical irritation of the skin and
 mucous membranes.
 Ingestion:  This material is not intended to be ingested (eaten). If ingested in large quantity, the material may produce
 mechanical irritation and blockage
 Acute Health: Dust from this product is a physical irritant, and may cause temporary irritation or scratchiness of the throat and/or
 itching and redness of the eyes and skin.
 Chronic Health:  Some studies of long term amorphous silica dust exposures indicate a potential for decreased lung function.  In
 surveyed studies, this effect is characterized as compounded by smoking. Additionally, surveyed studies characterize
 the decreased lung function effect as reversible on discontinuation of exposure.
 Medical Conditions:  Excessive inhalation of dust may aggravate pre-existing chronic lung conditions including, but not limited to,
 bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Dermal contact may aggravate existing dermatitis.








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