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Zero-Loft™ Aerogels Product Information

Composed of over 90% air, aerogel is a highly effective insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. Zero-Loft™ Aerogels has turned aerogel into an extremely strong, durable, and flexible material that is two to eight times more effective than traditional insulation. Zero-Loft™ Aerogels insulation is thin, compression-resistant, breathable and waterproof – the ideal choice for outdoor products.

  • Highest thermal performance
  • Minimum weight and thickness
  • Loft not required to maintain R value
  • Doesn’t compress or lose performance under load
  • Waterproof yet allows vapor transmission
  • Increased fashion and design elements
  • Durable in normal wash/dry cycle

Other insulation materials require loft to achieve their insulation value. Pressure causes these materials to compress dramatically and lose their loft along with their insulating capacity. Zero-Loft™ Aerogels does not need loft to deliver its high insulation value and it barely compresses, even in a foot bed under adult weight. At 15 psi pressure, aerogel insulation retains over 85% of its original thickness and over 97% of its original thermal performance. No other insulation can match this performance.Zero-Loft™ Aerogels is high performance insulation used in place of lofted insulation. Typically only 2mm of

Zero-Loft™ Aerogel is required to increase the thermal performance of outerwear 2 to 3 times over typical down or lofted polyester, especially in compression areas. Zero-Loft™ Aerogels’ thermal performance is not affected by compression. Zero-Loft™ Aerogels has the highest R value of any insulation, translating into the highest practical Clo value (thermal resistance of clothing as it relates to human comfort). This greatly reduces the relative weight of a garment required to meet a given Clo value.

Uses:Footwear, general outerwear, sportswear, accessories, outdoor gear, extreme weather gear, microelectronics, water bottles, medical packaging, industrial packaging, construction, automotive, and aerospace.
Composition: 50-70% silica gel ( trimethylsilylated), 30 – 50% oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber.
Water Absorbency: Hydrophobic, repels water so will never feel damp.
Breathability: Allows vapor to pass through insulation. Design also allows for gaps or holes between Zero-Loft™ Aerogels pads without sacrificing insulation value.
Flammability: Class A Surface Burning Characteristics as tested by IAS accredited Fire Testing laboratory and compliant with NFPA® 70E requirements for all Flame-Resistant (FR) apparel. Zero-Loft™ Aerogels is the first insulation in apparel rated as NFPA®

1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm







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