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Endurance runner Xy Weiss completed the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon wearing aerogel insoles.Zero-Loft™ Insulation withstood the extreme heat of Death Valley, where temps hit 124°F from Badwater to Stove Pipe Wells, the killer stretch where many runners drop out.

“My lack of usual blistering to the soles of my feet can be credited to the Zero-Loft™ Insulation insoles. They kept the shoe noticeably cooler and the soles of my feet blister-free. This is huge because blistering is a race-stopper.”

Mountaineer Anne Parmenter summited Mount Everest using Zero-Loft™ boot insoles and sleeping pad. Even the harshest cold of the highest point on Earth could not penetrate Zero-Loft™ Insulation.

“I only wore one pair of socks, as my feet were perfectly comfortable and warm without liner socks. The only problem I had was my feet were too hot. What a great problem to have as a mountaineer!”

Tarka L’Herpiniere and Katie-Jane Cooper trekked the entire 4,500 km length of the Great Wall of China using boots and sleeping pads with Zero-Loft™ Insulation.In this first-ever unsupported winter trek of the Great Wall, the pair battled cold, snow, and tortuous terrain for six months, protected by Zero-Loft™ Insulation.

“The best form of remedy is prevention... and the best prevention is aerogel insulation. Zero-Loft™ insoles kept our feet warm, critical for the long stretch from Yumenguan to Damdong along the Wall. Zero-Loft™ sleeping pads were thin and light, but we slept warm on the cold ground and Wall.”

Pierre Mielcarek and Philippe Remeniéras summited Mont Blanc wearing jackets and boot insoles made with Zero-Loft™ Insulation. The violent wind and intense cold caused others to abort their attempts - but not these climbers protected by Zero-Loft™ Insulation.

“Our jackets were too warm during the first hours, their insulation performance was so high. At the top of Mont Blanc, the temperatures were -20° to -25°C with winds at 70-80 km/h. We were both extremely surprised by the sensation of comfort at these severe external conditions.”



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